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AJ Lall , Ankur Gupta and Tarun Kumar have over 50 years of combined construction and management experience. Partnered together, they have created a construction company that will make all clients’ projects possible while providing a high level of service.



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AJ Lall

Through his vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, resilient work ethic, and commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence, AJ Lall, has elevated his company to become one of the most distinguished and well respected construction companies in Central Ohio.  His philosophy is simple: lead a process that allows us to exceed our client needs and expectations.



Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta, has always been fascinated with construction. Through the last 15 years, Ankur has developed a tremendous amount of knowledge related to construction new-builds and remodels. His goal is to approach each new construction project with the same dedication as when he first began his career. Passion and knowledge, combined with expertise in coordination and management, allows the superior level of commitment and competence for all of his clients.